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  International Exchange

Enrolling International Students

In accordance with the Ministry of Education?brvbar;s plan for offering more opportunities for the international students to study in Taiwan, we have begun to enroll more international students and have also taken a proactive role in recruiting. In terms of undergraduate courses, the Department of Medicine began to take international students in 2003 and the graduate school has cooperated with various governmental departments and academy to help internationalize Yang-Ming. To this end, we are operating the "Public Hygiene Professionals Training Program in Offering Help to Countries in Need" with the International Cooperation Development Fund and have set up an international hygiene program (conducted in English). Jointly with the Academia Sinica, we offer an international graduate student program (conducted in English) into which the Institute of Biochemistry (Molecular Medicine Program) and the Institute of Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics Program) are responsible for recruiting new students. Since 2004, we have been accepting international students under the "Taiwan Scholarship" project and the aim in the future is to expand and extend all international students?brvbar; recruitment channels.

Exchange Students

Most of our international students come through academic cooperation agreements established by our departments, colleges and institutes with foreign universities. In addition, we also have students from America, Europe, Africa, Central and Southern America, Asia and Mainland China through cooperation with other institutions such as the International Cooperation and Development Fund. Exchange students are mainly engaged in laboratory research, clinical studies or internships. Our graduate or PhD students are able to attend short-term programs at foreign universities, academic organizations/institutes or companies/industries either by self-funding or through government/private scholarships. In addition, our undergraduate program also sends many students to serve their internship abroad, to visit other universities or to study overseas for a short time.

Studying and Lecturing Overseas by Full-time Faculty Members

Each year, our school recommends a few full-time faculty members in a range of research areas to give lectures abroad or to study in other countries for various periods of time. In addition, we also select some to receive professional or educational training abroad.

Visiting Scholars

Scholars from various different parts of the world often visit Yang-Ming and we not only gain new knowledge from them but the visits also help to build up long-term research partnership thereof.

Academic Cooperation Agreements with other Countries

We have signed long-term research collaboration agreements with universities and institutes in the USA, Finland, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Mainland China, including: The University of Arizona, College of Medicine (USA), the University of Maryland at College Park (USA), Oregon State University, College of Health & Human Sciences (USA)、The University of Guam (USA), The University of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (USA), Eastern Michigan University (USA), Jyvaskyla Polytechnic(Finland)、University of Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea), Nagasaki University (JAPAN), RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center (JAPAN), Yonsei University College of Nursing (Korea), Beijing University (China), Capital University of Medical Science (China), Xi'an Medical University (currently School of Medicine and Xian Jiaotong University) (China).

Regarding these collaborations, we and the above mentioned universities or institutes mutually exchange scholars for visits on a non-regular basis and we also conduct substantial academic exchange by sending our students and our faculty members to those universities to take/teach summer courses.

PhD Students Attending International Conferences or Conducting Short-Term Research at Foreign Universities

PhD students from various departments, faculties and colleges have the opportunities to attend international conferences. Generally, their presentations earned high praise in international forums. Furthermore, some students conduct short-term research at overseas universities or research institutes usually through their professors?brvbar; recommendation or by application for financial assistance from the government or private sector.

Sponsoring International Conferences, Intermediate and Higher Level International Sports Competitions, International Art and Literary Events, etc.

We are enthusiastic about sponsoring international conferences. By inviting international scholars and experts to give plenary lectures or present their papers at Yang-Ming, it is possible for us to implement academic and clinical exchanges between the businesses, governments and academia and through this improve our research and competitiveness at the international level.

The Participation in Important Academic Activities of Faculty Members

Our faculty members happily participate in important international academic activities related to their disciplines in order to promote their competitiveness globally and they have earned significant praise. Our faculty not only participates in international conferences but is regularly asked to gives invited plenary lectures at these important events.

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