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  Intercollegiate Cooperation

Our accomplishments are largely the results of our emphasis on intercollegiate cooperation. The complementary relationships we build up with our collaborators exert a positive impact on teaching and research in professional medical education. Currently, we have built up remarkable collaborative plans with the following universities: the four universities in the University System of Taiwan; Academia Sinica; National Health Research Institute; National Chengchi University and National Taipei University of Fine Arts.

Collaboration with the four universities making up the University System of Taiwan

Funded by the "Promoting Integration between Research Universities Project" of the Ministry of Education, in April 2002 we co-founded the "University System of Taiwan," with National Central University, National Chiao Tung University and National Tsing Hua University. In October of the same year, we were approved to become the only university system in Taiwan to promote education quality and the pursuit for excellence, our optimal goal.

After the integration of the four universities, the teaching benefits include offering the students a diverse learning environment, promoting integration of curriculum resources, and enhancing teaching quality. In addition, we encourage teachers to use Blackboard, an electronic teaching system, for teaching and this allows open intercollegiate synchronized long-distance courses, and non-synchronized web-based teaching. Through this, the students at the four universities are able to breakthrough the distance barrier and share the teaching resources. In terms of research, we are enthusiastic at promoting international academic exchange, inviting international renowned scholars for short-term lectures, presenting papers jointly, etc. Specifically in neurology and nanotechnology, we have made many breakthroughs.

Collaboration between Yang Ming and Academic Sinica

We have signed a multidimensional collaborative agreement with the Academia Sinica that includes employing faculty and researchers from the other institution, designing and offering certain programs together and conducting research jointly. Some of the researchers at Academia Sinica have been recruited to teach special subjects at Yang Ming in order to train our future leaders. We offer the "International Research Students Curriculum" jointly by providing courses in the molecular medicine program, bioinformatics program, etc. We are now conducting many research projects jointly.

Cooperation between Yang Ming and National Health Research Institute

A number of cooperation agreements with the National Health Research Institute have been signed up to the present including co-employment of faculty and researchers, collaborative teaching and co-advising of students, and these occur in addition to many different research projects that are linked. Moreover, we have joined forces with the NHRI and VGH to found the "Immunology Center" to plan, coordinate, promote and execute the group research plans. We are also cooperating with the NHRI to establish the Center for Integrative Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatics (RCINN), the aim of which is to develop the theory and data processing systems for high-tech neuroimaging. By doing this, we are able to offer a complete plan and an all-round technical platform that allows the formation of a complete neuroimaging and neuroinformatics R&D team.

Collaboration between Yang Ming, National Chengchi University and National Taipei University of Fine Art

Since 2002, we have been engaging in the academic collaboration with National Chengchi University and National Taipei University of Fine Art. In order to balance our lack of teaching in the areas of Liberal Arts, Legal Studies and Business Administration, we have established an intercollegiate curriculum for the students wishing to take such courses. In addition, we also invite the faculty from the different universities to give lectures at Yang-Ming. Once the collaboration plan was started, a number of our professors have given lectures at National Chengchi University and our students can take a wide range of courses at National Chengchi University and National Taipei University of Fine Arts. Specifically, we have collaborated with National Chengchi University to offer a management program jointly.

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