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  Cooperative Education

In order to promote cooperative education and consolidate Taiwan's economic and technological development, we are encouraging cooperation between enterprises, government and academia to develop various aspects of education, training, research and services. Collaborating with the government institutions, private enterprises, civil organizations and academia, we are developing cooperation educative and fulfill our education goals.

The hospitals in Taiwan that are in the cooperative education program include Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, NTU Hospital, Cardinal Tine Hospital, Chen Shin Hospital, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Shying Kong Hospital, Shun Tine Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Koop Foundation Sun Yes-Men Cancer Center, Fong Yuan Hospital, God's Heart Hospital, Lo-Tung Pohai Hospital, Wei Gong Memorial Hospital, Da Chien General Hospital, Kuan Tien General Hospital, Chi Mei Medical Center, Hsin Chu General Hospital, Taipei City Hospital, St. Paul's Hospital, West Garden Hospital, Taiwan Adventist Hospital, Home Nursing and Nursing Home of Yang Ming Hospital, Health Center of Shi Pai Junior High School, Departments of Health in all towns and cities and their affiliated health centers, Kinmen Hospital, Care Centers, Koo Foundation Sun Yet-Sen Cancer Center and others.

Our partners in international cooperative education include Dental Hospital of New York University, Baylor University, USA, Seattle Pacific University, City Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, University of San Diego, Northwest University and others.

The internship institutions for cooperative education include Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institute, National Center for High Performance Computing, Vita Genomics Inc., IBM Taiwan, Sysware Corporation, Computing Centre, Academia Sinica, Center for Measurement Standard of Industrial Technology Research Institute, IBM Almaden Research Center, CA, USA and others.

  • Measures and Accomplishments of Academia-Industry Cooperation:
  • The enactment of the "Guidelines for Faculties" Short-term Transfer to Private Enterprise" explicitly announced that all faculties are eligible for short-term transfer to Academia-Industry organizations based on their specialties.

  • The enactment of the "Guidelines for Employing Researchers and Assistants for Project Faculties," announced that all researchers or instructors can obtain positions as project instructors at Yang Ming in order to promote the qualifications of the specified organizations.

  • The mission of the Incubation Center is to integrate basic research in medical science and clinical testing, and offer biotechnological and medical industry a complete training environment. Since its establishment, there have been ten successful cases that began independent operation after guidance. Some of our best ones were awarded the Golden Award for Incubation Accomplishments, Taipei Biotechnology Award 2004.

  • All departments (accounting, personnel, etc.) that are related to cooperative education have given their full support and facilitated the faculties in implementing their projects.

  • The implementation of "Promoting the Talents Training Program for Professional for the Industry Plan," and "Academia-Industry Cooperation" of the National Science Council was realized. In addition, we have also implemented the Technology Development Program for Academia, Ministry of Economic Affairs, including "A Study of the Assay of Chinese Herbal Medicine and its Function Mechanism for the Perspective of Regenerative Medicine" and the "Developmental Plan for R&D Technology of Joint Prosthesis."

In recent years, in addition to engaging internships, we have endeavored to develop further collaboration and in the past two years, collaborative research plans have been set up with Mackay Memorial Hospital, Chi Mei Hospital, Tainan, Bishop Tien Memorial Hospital and Taipei City Hospitals. We also help by actively recommending our faculty to our partnership hospitals based on their specialties and assist cooperation between doctors to help building up research teams that integrate clinical practice and basic research.

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Cooperative Education Pic


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