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Located on the hillside of Qilian, northwest of the Taipei Basin, we enjoy a beautiful landscape with plenty of plants and trees; this results in a tranquil environment and peaceful atmosphere. When the night falls, we can see the lights in Taipei and the stars in the sky clearly from here.


As we are located on a slope, a shuttle bus runs regularly between our school, VGH and Shipai MRT Station for the convenience of faculty and students. For local transportation, you can take the Danshui Line of Taipei MRT or city buses (more than 10 routes) to and from our school.(Bus Timetable)

 BuildingsColor and Form

The University buildings fall into the following categories based on their function including classrooms (common classroom, professional classroom, laboratory, etc.), administration buildings, library, dormitories, activity center, and sports facilities. The total area of our school is 145,760 m2.

In terms of research and teaching space, there is an Experimental Building, a Research Building, a Medical Building, a Dentistry Building, a Nursing Building and a Traditional Medicine Building. Each college, academic department and graduate institute has basic private space that provides study rooms for the faculty, classrooms, laboratories, seminar rooms, conference rooms and offices. There are also shared spaces for faculties and students including two Teaching Complex Buildings, an Auditorium and Activity Center, the Administration Building, the Experimental Animal Center, the Library and Information Communication Building. Together, these facilities offer an excellent teaching environment and resource.

For sports facilities, we have a well developed plan to maximize the benefits of the facilities, which consist of five areas, namely, a gymnasium, a hilltop stadium, a hillside stadium, a surface stadium and a swimming pool. In the gymnasium, there are tennis and volleyball court, an aerobics room, a table tennis room, a weight-training room, and a cardiopulmonary room. At the hilltop stadium, there is a 400m track field, a basketball court, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a golf practicing field, etc. At the hillside stadium, there is a rock climbing court and a basketball court. At the surface stadium, there is a tennis court, a volleyball court and a basketball field. The swimming pool consists of an 8-track outdoor standard pool with the length of 50m, a width of 22m and a depth of 130-160cm.

57 University Houses, offering comfortable accommodation for international scholars so that they can concentrate on their research and teaching. Furthermore, there are a series of student dormitory consisting of four male student dormitories, two female student dormitories, and one graduate student dormitory providing a total of 1,600 beds. Each room is equipped with nice facilities and accommodates two to four people. The female student dormitories have door control systems and are regularly patrolled by the University security guards for safety. A new graduate student dormitory is on Qian Street and when completed, it will help by providing 38 graduate student rooms and 4 apartments. This will increase significantly the graduate student on-campus accommodation and offer them a quality living environment.

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