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  University Emblem
  • Color and Form
  1. 1. Snow white backdrop (not colored).
    2. Thick outer golden rim.
    3. Thin inner golden rim.
    4. The Chinese and English school names are printed in gold.
    5. The plum flower blossom is orange, inlaid with a golden rim.
    6. The entire stick is gold in color.
    7. The Caduceus or Staff of Hermes with snakes and wings are in blue, inlaid with a golden rim; the texture on the wings is also gold.
    8. All the golden parts protrude.

  • Meaning
1. White symbolizes the “holiness” of medical work.
2. The plum flower blossom represents the determination required in medical work. It is also our national flower and painted in orange represents “light.”
3. The Caduceus made up of a staff with two snakes and two wings is a general symbol for “medicine,” and is painted in sky blue symbolizing “loyalty.”
4. The gold color here represents the light of the doctor, rendering our school badge “shiny and magnificent.”
5. The orange and sky blue are the best matches in chromatics.


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