Group Member

Wolfgang Fischer
Wolfgang Fischer
 (Professor, Institute of Biophotonics)
Editorial Member: 
Biochimica et Biophysica Act - Biomembranes (Elsevier)
Journal of Bioanalysis and Biomedicine (OMICS)
Wolfgang Fischer
Dhani Ram Mahato
(PhD Student): 
Papillomavirus, MD simulations, Drug Development
Fellowship of the Ministry of Education Taiwan

Wolfgang Fischer
Ta-Chou Huang (PhD Student)
Coxsackie virus, MD simulations

Chia-Wen Wang
(PhD Student)
HIV-1, Bilayer Recording

Shu-I Lin
 (Master 2nd year):
Rhodopsin, Docking, MD simulations, programming
3. Prize, Master Thesis Competition, Institute of Biophotonics

Kai-Ping Lin (Master 1st year):
MD Simulation, Docking, Statistic analysis




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Guest Scientists and Students

Sophie Dahl, 2015 Aug. - Sept. (Molecular Biotechnology Student, Heidelberg University, D, DAAD - PROMOS Program) 

Anne Schieferdecker, 2015 Aug. - Sept. (Biomolecular Engineering Student, TU Darmstadt, D, Taiwan Summer Institute Programme DAAD/MOST) 

Steffie Revia, 2014 Dec. - 2015 Jan. (Molecular Biotechnology Student, Heidelberg University, D) 

Niklas Laasch, 2013 Aug. - Sept. (Biochemistry Student of University Berlin, D, Taiwan Summer Institute Program / DAAD)

Bin Zhang, 2012 Dec.- 2013 Feb. (Medical Student, Rainer Fink Group, Medical Biophysics, Heidelberg University, D)

Leon Bichmann, 2012 Sept. - Oct. (Biochemistry Student of the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, D, DAAD-Rise Internship)

Roman Schilling, 2010 Oct.- Nov. (Diploma Student, Physics, Rainer Fink Group, Medical Biophysics, Heidelberg University, D)

Christina Schindler, 2010 July - Aug. (Student of the University of Heidelberg, D, Fellow of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation and the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)

Juliane Oswald, 2008 Apr.- Aug. (Graduate-Student, Rainer Fink Group, Biophysics, Heidelberg University, D) 

Gan Siok-Wan, 2008 Jan. (PhD-Student, School of Biological Sciences Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, SG) 

Dr. Issara Sramala, 2007 Sept.- Dec. (Guest Scientist, National Nanotechnology Center of Thailand, TH)