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1st International Conference on Viral Membrane Proteins
2007 December 6. - 8.
National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, TW

Organizing Committee
Yi-Ming Arthur Chen (AIDS Prevention Center NYMU, TW)
Rainer Fink (Medicinal Biophysics, Uni Heidelberg, D)
Wolfgang B. Fischer (Biophotonics, NYMU, TW)
contact for registration:,
Mauricio Montal (Neurobiology, UCSD, USA)

The Topics
- Channels/Pores - Fusion / Budding - Membrane attached proteins
- Chinese Traditional Medicine - Application in e.g. NanoMedicine
- Techniques: Spectroscopy: Optical, Computational, Molecular Biology

Medical and clinical aspects
- Diagnostics and Treatment
Medicinal Biophysics
- Structure and Mechanism of function
Drug Development
- Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Drug encapsulation and delivery

Arkin, Shy (Jerusalem, IL); Chen, Yi-Ming Arthur (NYMU, TW); Chiou, Chun-Tang (NRICM); Fink, Rainer (Heidelberg, D); Fischer, Wolfgang B.(NYMU, TW); Fringeli, Urs Peter (Vienna, AT); Hsu, Kate (MMH, TW); Kao, Fu-Jen (NYMU, TW); Lien, Cheng-Chang (NYMU, TW); Lin, Jung-Hsin (Academia Sinica, TW); Ma, Alex (Academia Sinica, TW); Moroni,Anna (Milano, IT); Shai, Yechiel (Rehovot, IL); Thiel,Gerhard (Darmstadt, D); Watts, Anthony (Oxford, UK); ...

Downloads & Link:
Conference poster; Maps; Airport; Hotel; Agenda; Handbook

Center of International Affairs, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
Aim of Excellence Program, Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Yen-Jen Sung, NYMU Fischer, Wolfgang B
Thiel,Gerhard Moroni,Anna
Chen, Yi-Ming Arthur Lien, Cheng-Chang
Kao, Fu-Jen and Fink, Rainer Fringeli, Urs Peter
Arkin, Shy and Shai, Yechiel Watts, Anthony

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