July 2019 with Hsu lab

We study how do fibroblasts and macrophages support T cell development is the thymus. These two cell types are present in every organ and they help the main cell populations (e.g. hepatocytes in the liver, cardiomyocytes in the heart, etc.) to best perform their functions. However, in each tissue, fibroblasts and macrophages need to adapt to the local environment and demands. We want to know what are the unique adaptations of the resident thymic macrophages and fibroblasts and how these adaptations are important for optimal T cell development.

Latest news:

2019.12.04 We say good-bye to Yun-Tzu who will be doing his military service soon.

2019.11.26 We welcome Alan, a lab intern from Hong-King for a 8 week internship at the lab

2019.08.01 We welcome our new master student: Kevin and we say good-bye to Frank, who is going to do his PhD in Germany at the Technical University of Munich

2019.06.15 Kai and Yun-Tzu's convocation

2019.05.01 Frank comes back for a short RA position before heading to Germany for his PhD

2019.04.13 Congratulations to Kai for winning the poster award at FISS 2019

2018.08.29 We say good-bye to Jenny and Cindy who will be concquering new challenges outside Yang-Ming, but Johnny stays for a PhD in the lab

2018.08.01 We say good-bye to Frank, who will be preparing for his PhD application at home

2018.07.23 We welcome our new master students: Lewis and Jill

2018.06.09 Jenny, Cindy and Johnny's convovation

2018.04.12 Tyng-An with Ken Murphy (the authour of Janeway's Immunobiology) in front of his poster at the Keystone Symposium on Myeloid cells

2018.04.11 Jenny with her poster at the Keystone Symposium on Myeloid cells

2018.01.31 We say "Good-bye" to Wei-Ling who is going surfing at Kenting, before starting her job in Shanghai.

2017.08.31 We say "Good-bye" to Andy who is going to complete his military service.

2017.07.01 We welcome Venice - our new TIGP intern from Malaysia.

2016.06.05 Weiling and Andy's convocation

2017.03.16 Tyng-An with his poster at the Kyoto T Cell Conference

2016.08.31 We say "Good-bye" to Fahad who is returning back to Pakistan to complete his Veterinery Doctor degree.

2016.08.31 Fahad's TIGP-IIP certificate award

2016.08.15 We say "Good-bye" to John who is going to be a Research Assistant at MacKay Memorial Hospital in Tamsui

2016.06.30 We say "Good-bye" to Yu-Ying who is starting her PhD at Northwestern University, USA

2016.06.05 Frank and Brian's convocation

2016.02.22 We say "Good-bye" to Dan-Dan who is going to work in the Pathology Lab of the Tri-Service Hospital in Taipei

2015.06.06 John and DanDan's convocation

DanDan convocation

John convovcation

2015.05.26 Our lab is featured in this short movie about National Yang-Ming University

2015.04.21 DanDan took third place award in the Master students presentation competition DanDan_award

2014.02.10 Web page created