July 2014

Dzhagalov lab

Our lab has two major research focuses. We are interested in the process of cell death and clearance of immune cells. We use the development of T cells in the thymus as a model system to directly observe the behavior of immune cells and their interaction with the environement in living tissue. In addition, we want to know more about the mechanisms regulations leukocyte motility and migration.

Latest news:

2016.08.31 We say "Good-bye" to Fahad who is returning back to Pakistan to complete his Veterinery Doctor degree

2016.08.31 Fahad's TIGP-IIP certificate award

2016.08.15 We say "Good-bye" to John who is going to be a Research Assistant at MacKay Memorial Hospital in Tamsui

2016.06.30 We say "Good-bye" to Yu-Ying who is starting her PhD at Northwestern University, USA

2016.06.05 Frank and Brian's convocation

2016.02.22 We say "Good-bye" to Dan-Dan who is going to work in the Pathology Lab of the Tri-Service Hospital in Taipei

2015.06.06 John and DanDan's convocation

DanDan convocation

John convovcation

2015.05.26 Our lab is featured in this short movie about National Yang-Ming University

2015.04.21 DanDan took third place award in the Master students presentation competition DanDan_award

2014.02.10 Web page created