Principal Investigator: Chia-Feng Lu (盧家鋒), Ph.D.

NBA Lab is a specialized unit supporting the bench-to-bedside (B2B) studies in TIRC, TMU. Missions focus on quantifying hidden neuroimage biomarkers, constructing imaging analysis platforms, and building neuroimage bank for probing neurological diseases. 

Quantitative B2B Imaging Research,
+886-2-2736-1661, ext. 3273 (TMU)
+886-2-2737-2181, ext. 1133 (TMUH)

CV & Publications

Education, Positions, Research Grants, Peer-Reviewed Journal & Congress Publications, Patents, Invited Talks, Acedamic Services, Certificates, Courses, Developed Platforms
盧家鋒 助理研究員/助理教授
個人CV & 著作發表, 中文簡歷

Research Interests

Topics: Neuromotor Control, Neurodegenerative Diseases, mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Tumor Imaging
Approaches: Brain Connectome Analysis, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), Electroencephalography (EEG)

Teaching Materials

227 online videos (Chinese), 114 handouts
Graduate Courses:
MATLAB in Biomedical Signal Processing, MATLAB Graphic User Interface, MRI Analyses, fNIRS principles & applicattions
Undergraduate Courses: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computer Architecture
Resident Courses: Medical Image Processing
Invited Talks: Translational Imaging Research, fMRI Analysis, fNIRS Studies

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Websites of Collaborators, Online Booking Systems for NYMU 3T MRI and NYMU/TVGH fNIRS, and Other links.

TMU Translational Imaging Research Center: 2016 ISMRM TV

Six-minute interview of Translational Imaging Research Center (TIRC) for the broadcase during 2016 ISMRM Annual Meeting.
2016 ISMRM 採訪影片


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Contact Us for Further Information

No. 250, Wuxing St., Taipei 11031
NBA Lab, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, School of Medicine, TMU
+886-2-2736-1661, ext. 3273 (TMU)
+886-2-2737-2181, ext. 1133 (TMUH)