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白純德 Patrick Boy Dlamini (92)
Part I : A Comparative Study of Medical Waste Management Policies in Swaziland, Taiwan and USA Part II: A Study on Medical Waste Management Practice in Taipei Clinics
Advisor: 陳美蓮 Mei-Lien Chen、藍忠孚 Chung-Fu Lan

梅達 Isaïe Medah (92)
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices towards HIV/AIDS among First Year Universities Students in Taiwan.
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

羅伯特  Roberto Antonio Contreras Martinez (92)
Advisor: 錢慶文 Ching-Wen Chien

羅耀 Noel D. Mbirimtengerenji (92)
The Impact of Family Planning Program on Child Bearing Mothers: A Taiwan Perspective Study
Advisor: 吳肖琪 Shiao-Chi Wu

郭安華 Edward Anthony Goka (93)
Knowledge Attitudes and Practice of Antenatal Mothers on HIV/AIDS and their Satisfaction with PMTCT program in Taiwan
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

古力巴 Sidi Coulibaly (93)
Needs Assessment of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Taiwan
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

何勒巴特爾慕岡鄔季 Mungun-Ulzii Khurelbaatar (93)
Homocysteine, Dietary Pattern and Cardiovascular Disease among Middle Aged Women in Mongol
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

戴茉莉 Maria Ellen Daly (94)
Factors associated with utilisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine under Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System by white collar foreign workers
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

陳雪珍 Netima Cooney (94)
The Invisible Epidemic: Factors Associated with The Late Diagnosis of HIV in Young Thai People - A Population Based study
Advisor: 楊振昌 Chen-Chang Yang

寇諾瑪 Norma Joy Kok (94)
Risk factors associated with HIV-1 infection in female injecting drug user inmates in Taiwan and assessing their knowledge, attitude and practices concerning safe drug use and HIV/AIDS.
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

涂思格 Battushig Migiddorj (94)
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Smoking among Medical Students in Mongolia
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

柯艾蓮 Helena Karasova (94)
Trends in life expectancy in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic before and after the dissolution of former Czechoslovakia: Is the gap getting wider?
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

安艾莎 Aisha Nicole Andrewin (94)
Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients and Related Factors among Doctors and Nurses in Belize
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

伊豆 Ido Charles Gnenassi (94)
Factors contributed to the non-compliance with tuberculosis treatment in the Regional Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina-Faso)"Tuberculosis Center of
Advisor: 邱淑媞 Shu-Ti Chiou

道海妮 Henrietta Olympia Douglas (Hennie) (94)
Teenage Pregnancy and Associated High Risk Behaviors in St Kitts and Nevis
Advisor: 盧孳艷 Zxy-Yann Lu

白宇國 Hugo Bugoro (95)
The bionomics of the malaria vector Anopheles farauti and prospects for malaria elimination in the Solomon Islands.
Advisor: 陳正成 Cheng-Chen Chen

麥安妮 Ann Marie Matute (95)
Analysis of Perinatal Mortality – A Belizean Perspective
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

魏 喬 Jorge Villalobos Alpizar (95)
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices for Dengue Control and Prevention in the Central-Pacific Region of Costa Rica: A Cross-Sectional Study
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

馬麗白 Elizabeth Maziya (96)
“Honey I Love You but I Must Protect Myself from HIV and AIDS”: Concientization of Feminized HIV and AIDS Among Moneni Women in Swaziland
Advisor: 王增勇Frank Tsen-Yung Wang

謝朗明 Lamin M. Ceesay (96)
The Prevalence And Determinants Of Smoking Among Secondary School
Advisor: 楊振昌 Chen-Chang Yang

康貴柏 Guiro Abdoul Karim (96)
Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices about HAART among people living with HIV/AIDS in a resource-limited setting: the case of an NGO (AMMIE) in Burkina Faso
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

米立哲 Milo Richard (96)
Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Haitians Living at the Border of Haiti-Dominican Republic Towards Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Advisor: 邱淑媞 Shu-Ti Chiou

林凱樂 Carlos Marcelo Berti Lungo (96)
Epidemiology of the Homicides in El Salvador
Advisor: 藍忠孚 Chung-Fu Lan

尹畢天 Tegawende Pierre Ilboudo (96)
Compliance and Appropriateness of Referral for Curative Care in Rural Burkina Faso
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

江韶恩 Sharon Kiang (96)
The Prevalence of Postpartum Physical Minor Symptoms and its Association with Postpartum Depression among Immigran (台灣外籍配偶產後身體症狀之盛行率及產後憂鬱之相關性研究)
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

劉虹茗 Luong Minh Hoa (97)
Establishment and Comparison of Different Serological Assays for H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus Infection – Epidemiological Study of H5N1 Virus Infection Among High Risk Group from 3 Northern Provinces of Vietnam
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

柯如軒 Russell Oliver Kosik (97)
Association Between Maternal Behavior in Infancy and Adult Mental Health, International Students Increase Diversity at No Cost to Academic Competency, and Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation in Taiwanese Medical Students: A Multi-generational Study
Advisor: 范佩貞 Angela Pei-Chen Fan

呼蘭 Khulan Tuvdendarjaa (97)
Effect Of Area Socioeonomic Status On Gender Specific Prevalence Of Obesity And Hypertension In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

辜俞宏 Vu Trong Duoc (97)
Dispersal comparison of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in an urban area in Hanoi, Vietnam
Advisor: 陳正成 Cheng-Chen Chen

沙米娜 Aminata Sarr (97)
Diabetes Self-Management: Perspectives Of Gambian Patients Attending The Medical Clinic, Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital(RVTH), 2009
Advisor: 邱淑媞 Shu-Ti Chiou

賈愛莎 Isatou K. Jallow (Aisha) (97)
Comparing Women’s Perception of the Quality of Antenatal Care in Public and Private Clinics in The Gambia
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

那凱佳 Karla Margarita Navarrete Galve (97)
The Extent and Healthiness of Television Food Promotion directed to Children in El Salvador
Advisor: 邱淑媞 Shu-Ti Chiou

蘇威同 William Adonay Sosa Diaz (97)
Advisor: 卓文隆 Wen-Long Cho、陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

卡飛傑 Philip James Castillo (97)
A Retrospective Cohort Study on Factors Associated with Mortality Among HIV Infected Individuals in Belize
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

游希傑 Przemyslaw Maciej JURA (97)
Cancer in Poland – Geographic Information System Approach
Advisor: 劉德明 Der-Ming Liu

羅丹森 Danzan Bolor (97)
Impact of parent-child relationship on adolescent risky sexual behavior in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Advisor: 范佩貞 Angela Pei-Chen Fan

染雅 Chuluunbaatar Enkhzaya (98)
Advisor: 周穎政 Yiing-Jenq Chou

梅克勤 Clement Ziemle MEDA (98)
A comparative study on the Knowledge Attitude, Practices, Medication Adherence and Needs between TB and HIV Patients in two main Regions from Burkina Faso
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

索雷娜 Reanna Christina Solomon (98)
Correlates of types and levels of disability among the disable population in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

陳綺梅 Donna Chan (98)
Social supports of migrant health care workers employed in domiciliary and institutional care settings in Taiwan
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

陳潮方東 Dong Trieu Phuong Tran (98)
Health Education and Challenges in Vietnam
Advisor: 范佩貞 Angela Pei-Chen Fan

湯南 Tuan Dang Nguyen (98)
An intervention study to reduce the faecal (E.coli) contamination of household drinking water in a mountainous area, Lao Cai province, Vietnam
Advisor: 劉宗榮 Tsung-Yun Liu

德安文 Khuderbat Enkhtaivan (98)
Factors associated with the use of Social Health Insurance (SHI) in Mongolia
Advisor: 周穎政 Yiing-Jenq Chou、蒲正筠 Christy Pu

薩芬妮 Fenni Widya Sari (98)
Advisor: 陳麗光 Li-Kwang Chen、黃心苑 Nicole Huang

高莉娜 Oriana Eynell Gordon (98)
Social Factors Related to the Health-Related Quality of Life of Older Adults in Panama City
Advisor: 季麟揚 Lin-Yang Chi

吳若祖 Wourozou Olivier Constantin Sanon (98)
Factors associated with HIV treatment continuation in an antiretroviral therapy clinic in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

辜芙亞 Franelda Diega Maria Gutierrez (98)
Awareness, perceived effectiveness and use of smoking cessation support by current smokers and ex-smokers in Taiwan.
Advisor: 邱淑媞 Shu-Ti Chiou

程斐 Bai Cham (98)
Brain Drain of The Gambian Health Work Force: Factors Associated with Migration Intentions and Posting Preferences among Student Nurses in The Gambia
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

施琳佳 Sesay Catherine Ngaima Marie (98)
Analysis of factors associated with failure to return for HIV test results in the Gambia
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

葉虹妮 Nini Yeh (99)
Larvicidal Activities of Essential Oils from Acorus gramineus Against Aedes aegypti 石菖浦精油對埃及斑蚊幼蟲毒殺作用之研究"
Advisor: 蕭孟芳 Men-Fang Shaio

況珮芸 Anny Kuang (99)
A Comparison of Depression Symptoms in Undergraduate Students of Clinical and Non-Clinical Health-related Fields in Taiwan Using a Web-based Survey
Advisor: 劉德明 Der-Ming Liu

戴國瑞 Gregory Alan Mandell (99)
The relationship of Childhood Educational Attainment to Adult Mental Health and Status Achievement: The Baltimore NCPP Follow Up, 1960-1994
Advisor: 范佩貞 Angela Pei-Chen Fan

婁萊娜 Lorraine Catherine Poncet (99)
Socioeconomic Factors associated with contraception use and Methods in Women with different immigration backgrounds in France
Advisor: 陳娟瑜 Chuan-Yu Chen

馬大衛 David Valdemoro Marcaida (99)
Factors Associated with Competencies Among Skilled Birth Attendants in Masbate, Philippines
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

雅典娜 Athenee Camille Elrington (99)
Participatory Action Research for Subsistence Agricultural Community: Harmonyville Belize
Advisor: 盧孳豔 Zxy-Yann Lu

黎銘恩 Miguel Jose Rivero (Mike) (99)
Repellent and Adulticidal Activities of Essential Oils from Chinese Herb Acorus gramineus against the Dengue Vector, Aedes aegypti 中國藥石菖浦對登革熱病媒蚊埃及斑蚊的趨避及毒殺作用
Advisor: 蕭孟芳 Men-Fang Shaio

紀恩睿 Henry Badji (99)
Epidemiology of Staphylococcus Aureus Pathogens Causing Invasive Disease in patients seen at MRC clinic, Fajara, The Gambia
Advisor: 詹宇鈞 Yu-Jiun Chan

胡軒威 John Selwyn Houniuhi (99)
Level and Correlation of Job satisfaction among Nurses in the urban region of Guadalcanal Province of Solomon Islands: A developing country perspective
Advisor: 李怡娟 I-Chuan Li

劉穎之 Vincent Lau Chan (99)
Experience with Internally Displaced Population in Colombia and a Mental Health Intervention Program:a Descriptive and Narrative Method with CISALVA and Fundación Paz y Bien
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang、陳娟瑜 Song-Lih Huang

安海倫 Helen Andriani (99)
Advisor: 郭憲文 Hsien-Wen Kuo

謝朗明 Lamin M. Ceesay (99)
Advisor: 楊振昌 Chen-Chang Yang

貝艾薩 Idrissa Beogo (99)
Health-Care-Seeking Patterns in the Emerging Private Sector in Burkina Faso: A Population-based Study of Urban Residents in Ouagadougou
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

徐筱妮 Natalia Serrano Espinosa (100)
Infant-Feeding Knowledge, Practices, and Attitudes Among Adult Female Caregivers in Chía, Colombia
Advisor: 盧孳豔 Zxy-Yann Lu、黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

羅世德 Rosmond Romando Olando Adams (100)
Willingness to participate and to pay for National Health Insurance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: A Contingent Valuation Study
Advisor: 周穎政 Yiing-Jenq Chou、蒲正筠 Christy Pu

葛祖兒 Fatou Gai (100)
A Pilot Survey of Giardia lamblia in Children with Gastroenteritis in The Gambia
Advisor: 蕭孟芳 Men-Fang Shaio、嵇達德 Dar-Der Ji

葛祖兒 Nosisa Thembumenzi Vilakati (100)
Identification and Characterization of Entamoeba Species in Patients with Suspected Amoebiasis
Advisor: 蕭孟芳 Men-Fang Shaio、嵇達德 Dar-Der Ji

魯智華 Amadou Zoungrana (100)
Societal Contexts of Parents as Predictors of Severe Malaria in Children less than Five Years of Age in Burkina Faso: cross sectional study
Advisor: 周穎政 Yiing-Jenq Chou、蒲正筠 Christy Pu

郭宇漢 Angel Emil Cowo (100)
Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-1 among Men who have Sex with Men in Taiwan in 2012
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen

李朵娜 Dita Ramadonna (100)
Content Analysis of Cigarette Advertisement in Cigarette Television Commercials in Indonesia
Advisor: 邱玉蟬 Yu-Chan Chiu、黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

伽理佑 Joffre Luis Carrillo Pincay (100)
A Study of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of HIV and/or Tuberculosis (TB) Infected Patients in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Advisor: 陳宜民 Yi-Ming Arthur Chen、林明薇 Ming-Wei Lin

麥洛偉 Mat Lowe (100)
An Exploratory Qualitative Study on the Social and Cultural Factors Affecting Maternal Health Issues in Rural Gambia
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

虎漫 Aulia Human (100)
The Migration of Plasticizers from Food-contacting Plastic in Aceh
Advisor: 陳美蓮 Mei-Lien Chen

古雷 Raman Kumar (100)
HIV/AIDS Related Stigma, Gender Relation and Access to ART in Himachal Pradesh, India: A Qualitative Analysis
Advisor: 梁莉芳 Li-Fang Liang

陸允睿 Eric Carle Lussier (100)
Predictors for Medical Subsidy Enrolment and Utilization among Young Children from High-risk Families in Taipei City 臺北市高風險家族幼童醫療補助申請與利用之預測因子
Advisor: 陳娟瑜 Chuan-Yu Chen

羅柏邁 Bomar Rene Méndez Rojas (101)
Advisor: 陳娟瑜 Chuan-Yu Chen

帕崔克 Patrrick Opiyo Owili (101)
Advisor: 周穎政 Yiing-Jenq Chou、許怡欣 Yi-Hsin Hsu

曾淑茹 Tsendsuren Sereeterdorj (101)
Common Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases among Symptomatic Women in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 蒙古烏蘭巴托有臨床症狀婦女常見的性病
Advisor: 蕭孟芳 Men-Fang Shaio、稽達德 Dar-Der Ji

施蓓俐 Mbali Sichasiso Dlamini (101)
Factors Associated with Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes in Manzini, Swaziland
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

倪寶華 Bongiwe Nokulunga Dlamini (101)
The Effects of Household Structure on Consistent School Attendance among Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Swaziland
Advisor: 喬芷 Chi Chuiao

孟娜 Nelisiwe Sijabulisile Mngomezulu (101)
Quality of Life and Its Determinants among Diabetic Out-Patients at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Swaziland 史瓦濟蘭Raleigh Fitkin紀念醫院糖尿病門診病人之生活品質及相關
Advisor: 楊振昌 Chen-Chang Yang

露茜 Boloroo Sukhbaatar (101)
Asthma in Relation to Environmental Exposures among Children in Mongolia: A Hospital-based Matched Case-control Study
Advisor: 藍祚運 Tzuo-Yun Lan

甘貝蒂 Mandukhai Ganbat (101)
Prescribing Practices of and Attitudes toward Prescribing Antibiotics to Children with URTI in urban Mongolia
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

段荷恩 Ha Le Ngoc Tran (101)
Dengue Virus Infection in North and Central Parts of Vietnam during 2012-2013 2012至2013年越南北部及中部登革熱感染
Advisor: 蕭孟芳 Men-Fang Shaio、嵇達德 Dar-Der Ji

蘇紹綱 Sering A.L. Sosseh (0)
Advisor: 盧孳艷 Zxy-Yann Lu

吳錫瑞 Ebrima J. Sisawo (0)
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

歐斯德 Saide Yacine Yiriwaya Arsene Ouedraogo (0)
Advisor: 黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

柯分達 Phinda Goodwill Khumalo (0)
Advisor: 周穎政 Yiing-Jenq Chou、蒲正筠 Christy Pu

裴翠珊 Tricia Matilde Perez (0)
Advisor: 盧孳艷 Zxy-Yann Lu

白韶彤 Solongo Baatarkhuu (0)
Advisor: 唐高駿 Gau-Jun Tang

戴柏文 Amadou Darboe (0)
Advisor: 郭憲文 Hsien-Wen Kuo

卓艾忻 Alimatou Juwara (0)
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang

吳至潔 (92)
外籍配偶所生低出生體重新生兒之健康與健康照護研究:兼論其對 跨文化婚姻與國際衛生之政策意涵
Advisor: 藍忠孚

吳彥慶 (92)
Advisor: 黃嵩立

陳玫伶 (92)
Advisor: 黃文鴻

彭彥婷 (92)
Advisor: 簡莉盈

顏璧梅 (92)
Advisor: 張武修

史琬菁 (93)
Advisor: 范佩貞

吳韶純 (93)
Papua New Guinea地區孕婦HIV-1感染率及對於愛滋病之認知行為之研究
Advisor: 張武修

李秋雅 (93)
Advisor: 卓文隆

連淑芬 (93)
Advisor: 黃嵩立

郭懷晴 (93)
Advisor: 陳宜民

李俊翰 (94)
Advisor: 黃心苑

周芸安 (94)
Advisor: 黃心苑

薛筑勻 (94)
Advisor: 黃嵩立

劉淑婷 (94)
Advisor: 黃嵩立

林琪鈺 (94)
Advisor: 楊振昌、黃嵩立

陳厚全 (95)
Advisor: 藍忠孚

張淑慧 (95)
Advisor: 黃嵩立

劉才綾 (95)
Advisor: 黃心苑

羅慶玲 (95)
Advisor: 邱淑媞

吳旻儒 (96)
Advisor: 楊振昌

劉思宏 (96)
Advisor: 莊人祥、林逸芬

謝寧惠 (96)
Advisor: 邱淑媞

王建平 (96)
Advisor: 簡以嘉

黃昱霖 (97)
Advisor: 黃嵩立

陳志瑜 (97)
Advisor: 季麟揚

劉怡萱 (98)
Advisor: 陳宜民、林明薇

李佩瑢 (99)
Comparison of the Effects of Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary behavior on the Anthropometry and Dietary Behavior of Pre-school Children among Vietnamese and Taiwanese Mothers 越南籍與台灣母親的營養知識與飲食行為,對其學齡前子女體位與飲食行為之比較
Advisor: 郭憲文

李佩玲 (99)
The Effects of Mother’s Health Belief and Dental Behavior on Their schoolchildern Dental Status in Taiwanese and new residence Women 新住民婦女與臺灣婦女口腔健康信念與保健行為對其國小孩童齲齒狀況之影響
Advisor: 郭憲文

李文心 (99)
Factors Associated with Self-efficacy of tabacco smoking, alcohol drinking, and betel unt chewing among Women in Taipei, Taiwan 影響大台北地區婦女吸菸、飲酒、嚼檳榔行為之自我效能之因素
Advisor: 郭憲文

王郁婷 Nadia Yutin Wang (100)
Individual Predisposition and School Context on Alcohol Drinking during the Transition into early Adolescence
Advisor: 陳娟瑜 Chuan-Yu Chen

利正婷 Mika Li (100)
Health -Related Quality of Life among Patients with Tuberculosis who had Completed DOTS in Kiribati
Advisor: 簡莉盈 Li-Yin Chien

趙麟宇 Luke Lin-Yu Chao (101)
Advisor: 梁莉芳 Li-Fang Liang、黃嵩立 Song-Lih Huang

蔡雨玹 Wendy Tsai (101)
Work Hours and Turnover Intention Among Hospital Physicians in Taiwan 台灣醫院醫師工時與離職意願相關性的評估
Advisor: 黃心苑 Nicole Huang


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