Alex 陳志瑜

I like mountain climbing. When I stand at the top of mountain, and look down the city from mountain top. I am so amazing that the world is so big and I am so small.

Luong Minh Hoa

National Yang Ming University is a good environment for studying the science. The field which I like best is biology. I have a friend who is studying PhD there introduced to me and I applied for Master degree .

Republic of El Salvador
Karla Margarita Navarrete Galve

Hi, I would like to tell you that I am very glad I took on the challenge of travelling abroad to study in a distant land, in Taiwan. My country is El Salvador; it's located in Central America and its 14 hours behind Taiwan time. Currently I am a first year student of the master program in International Public Health here at National Yang Ming University (NYMU).

Philip James Castillo

So many people from different countries are enrolled in the International Health Program at the Masters level, at the National Yang Ming University. Personally for me, I am a physician by occupation and I have worked as a medical officer for more than ten years in my country. In addition I have worked as a member of the Health Management Team in Belize for more than four years.

Anny Kuang 況珮芸

National Yang Ming University has a very respectable reputation, which is one of the first things that drew me to this school in the first place. Before coming to NYMU, I did not know what kind of job I wanted to pursue or if I even wanted to obtain a master degree. I only knew that I wanted a career that was health related but I did not know where or how. I can now say that I am very glad I bit the bullet and decided to come study at this wonderful university. NYMU has opened many doors for me to get out of my comfort zone and take part in many new and interesting projects.

Gregory Mandell 戴國瑞

Coming to Taiwan in September of 2010 was a big change for me. Taipei is a city vastly different than anything I had been used to living on the eastern coast of the United States for the last 22 years. The first time I sat down in my room I began to wonder I had gotten myself into. Then classes began.

Nini Yeh

Hi, I'm from Taiwan and spending 15 years of my life in West Africa; Ghana has been one of the most exciting experiences ever. Leaving Ghana to continue my education in Taiwan was harder than I thought because it meant leaving half my family and most of my friends behind as well.

Lorraine Catherine Poncet

I arrived in Taipei in September 2010, to start studying in the International Health Program in NYMU. My name is Lorraine. I come from France and my hometown is Lyon. In France, I was a student of political science. I decided then to keep studying in the field of public health. The International Health Program in National Yang Ming University appeared as the best opportunity!

Raman Kumar 古雷

It was in the month of June2011 when I was confirmed about my selection as a student in prestigious IHP program of National Yang Ming University. I heard a lot about Taiwan and their superior education system. So I was eagerly waiting for my scheduled journey to Taiwan and eventually reached at the mid night of 10 September 2011. My name is Raman. I am from India and my hometown is Shimla. I was a student of Sociology and worked in HIV program. Afterward I decided to do my study in public health and NYMU provide this opportunity to me.

Nosisa Thembumenzi Vilakati 范若紗

It has been quite wonderful experiencing the new culture. I particularly appreciate the Night Markets, 24 hour convenience stores, technological advancement and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). It was not an easy adjustment at first, particularly to the diet but now I have settled in and stable.

Ha Le Ngoc Tran

Do you desire to experience a new life in a new country? Do you want to study in a good environment beyond your country?

蔡雨玹Wendy Tsai

首先,為什麼想寫這篇文章呢?因為我剛好是醫學院底下的國際衛生碩士學位學程新的MPH (Master of Public Health)修業領域的第一位學生,也幸運地成功在一年內完成拿到了畢業證書!許多醫學系學弟妹或其他認識我的人好奇的問題包括為什麼想念、念些什麼、念了可以做什麼,就寫成這篇文章給大家參考看看囉!至於我的實習與論文的成果,有興趣的人可以到陽明大學醫學二館國際衛生學程辦公室借閱。

Elim Loi

I have great things to share about studying in the International Health Program, attending National Yang Ming University, and living in Taipei!

Alimatou Juwara

Being enrolled as a Master’s Degree student in the International Health Program of National Yang-Ming University is one of the greatest joys of my life. Based on my previous review of university alumni, I had the impression that life in Yang-Ming would be a wonderful experience, but it was actually beyond mere expectations when I eventually checked in.

Amadou Darboe

Attending a degree program in a developed country, Taiwan, in particular has been part of my dream for the past years. This is why coming to Taiwan for a Master’s program is indeed a dream come true and something I will continue to cherish. Because of the hospitality of its people and being a culturally diverse and peaceful nation, Taiwan is one of the finest countries across Asia and the world at large to pursue an educational career.


I am now in the first year of International Health Program (IHP), National Yang Ming University (NYMU). Since I was a senior high school student, I used to dream of being a student of one of the best schools in Taiwan, National Yang Ming University. Even though I didn’t live up to the dream in my university entrance exam, I am glad that I finally realized it in my master degree.



Omolara Elizabeth Okunlola Herrera

First of all I will like to start with why I choose Taiwan? I choose Taiwan because Taiwan education system has a very good reputation with advance technology that is way ahead of many countries in the world, with welcoming atmosphere and safe environment. Safety is one of Maslow’s hierarchies of needs which is important to humans to reach their highest point of life which is self-actualization. I believe studying in Taiwan will make me reach this point. Studying in Taiwan at National Yang Ming University will help me take huge start in my life because of the Master’s program offered in NYMU.

Monica Gongora

Ever since I came to Taiwan back in 2011, I have developed a special connection with this little island. I first came to pursue my studies in the health field (health and nursing administration) which has always been lifelong passion while in Belize. I realized that there was so much someone like myself from a small Central American/Caribbean country could learn in such an efficient and technology centered society. As I completed my undergrad studies, my passion continued to grow and I began to be drawn more to the area of Public Health. My ultimate research interest and goal was to foster the knowledge and skill-set required to formulate improved methods and strategies for public health awareness and research in my home country of Belize.

Odelia Lu 盧秋燕

由於我的背景原為臨床醫務社會工作者,但我一心期許我將來能有機會投入國際公衛領域,國立陽明大學國際衛生學程, 是國內少數提供具有國際觀的公共衛生訓練的學程,因此我一直將學程視為我的第一志願。2015年時學程提供我機會參訪印尼亞齊省, 當時得知當地沒有臨床社會工作者,在醫療機構中更沒有社會工作者。因此,當時藉由自身在醫療體制工作的經驗分享給當地的臨床工作者。 以臺灣醫務社會工作為出發點,主要透過實際的案例介紹社會工作者在醫療機構的角色、功能及服務內容,藉由社會工作者面對不同求助者的 可以提供的服務與協助,並介紹在台灣經常使用到醫療及社會資源,與台灣醫務社會工作的發展史。

Doris Yecenia Sandith Yanes

I been living in Taiwan for almost 2 years and the experience has been one of the best experiences ever. I am from Belize, Central America and I came to this beautiful Island in 2014 to study Language-Mandarin but after the completion of the program I decided to come back and continue my studies.I recently moved to Taipei city for my Master Degree in International Health at National Yang-Ming University (NYMU). The staff here are very friendly and warm welcoming. They help you all through the process of admission and registration. They are the backbone of the University and make the program outstanding. For me, this has been a very smooth transition from one university to an another.


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